Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

On Saturday night, a secret was uncovered on the streets of Tel Aviv. This secret is not new to us. In ‎fact, we’ve known about it for a very long time. The secret is that there is reason for hope. There’s ‎reason for hope because so many of us in Israel, both Jews and Arabs, truly believe in partnership. ‎There is a substantial and growing number of Jews and Arabs who believe that the struggle for equality ‎is crucial to the future of every one of us.‎

We are proud that Sikkuy was one of the main organizers of this important demonstration in Tel Aviv. ‎By marching together, we focused the spotlight on our demand to end home demolitions, stop the ‎government incitement against Arab citizens, recognize the unrecognized Arab Bedouin villages, come ‎up with real solutions for the housing shortage in Arab towns and villages and strive for equal ‎opportunities and fair treatment in all aspects of life.‎

We are especially proud of Sikkuy’s Nisreen Morqus who gave the opening speech at ‎the demonstration, which was one of the largest Jewish-Arab protests in Tel Aviv’s history. More than ‎‎4,000 Arab and Jewish citizens from all over the country came to march with us through central Tel ‎Aviv. Together we demonstrated to Netanyahu and Erdan that we will not surrender to their discourse ‎of hatred and incitement. ‎

Silence is Golden