Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Alaa Alem joined Sikkuy in mid-2021 as part of the Equality Policy Department’s economic development team. In this role, Alaa leads a project dedicated among other things to the development of industrial zones in Arab towns and to financial credit. Alaa also advises other projects at Sikkuy, including those focused on marketing and development of land in Arab localities, employment plans, etc.

Prior to joining Sikkuy, Alaa worked in various roles with in the public sector and in the academy, leadings meaningful processes vis-à-vis the Knesset, government offices, local authority, etc. These included work in the fields of industrial zones, employment, innovation, etc.

Alaa resides in Kufr Manda and holds a B.A. in management and finance from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and an M.A. in urban planning, with a focus on finance and land development, also from the Technion. In addition, Alaa is a certified mediator and a licensed real estate broker. He is a financial expert and a real estate consultant who accompanies businessmen and women, as well as local authorities and investors. Alaa has expertise in building business plans and raising funds for businesses, enterprises and real estate companies and serves as the head of the center for economic development and real estate consulting.

Alaa volunteers often and is a social activist who contributes to his community. Among his voluntary work, Alaa served as a judge in a competition for young entrepreneurs, accompanied the NGO Unistream as well as many other starting businesses, and lectures in conferences and in the academy.

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