Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Saja Kilani joined Sikkuy in September 2019 as an Arab media coordinator. Saja is a well-known and respected journalist with over a decade of experience in diverse and challenging roles in various Arab communication channels. In recent years, she has worked as a researcher and content editor for the Massawa Channel and as content manager at Hala TV. Prior to that, she presented programs in Arabic on Keshet’s Channel 2, produced reports on the Voice of Peace radio station, worked as a reporter, on the website Bokra Net, and as a news producer and documentary producer. In addition to her work in the media, Saja has extensive experience in activism and community work and in hosting workshops and leadership groups. Saja holds a BA in Social Work and an MA in Nonprofit Management, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also has a diploma in Journalism and Media Writing from Ben Gurion University in conjunction with Ha’aretz newspaper.

Saja lives in Nazareth with her husband and two children.

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