Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Yanal Jabarin joined Sikkuy in 2021 as the Fair Media Representation project coordinator. Yanal leads Sikkuy’s varied activities promoting the fair representation of Arab citizens in the media, including the ACT Project, the A-List database of Arab media interviewees, and the Representation Index.
Yanal hails from the city of Um el Fahm and currently resides in Jerusalem, where he is finishing his B.A. in communications and political science. Yanal is a well-known social activist, both on the ground and on social media. He has worked as a correspondent for Haaretz, as part of the “Haaretz 21” project, as a project coordinator for Rabbis for Human Rights and as a volunteer spokesperson for the Hapoel Jerusalem soccer team.

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