Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Empowering Change for 30 Years

For the past 30 years Sikkuy-Aufoq has been at the forefront of the struggle for equality and a shared society for the Arab-Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel. As a Jewish and Arab nonprofit organization, we work closely with senior municipal officials, civil society groups, government ministries, decision makers in public institutions, and the media to advance increased government funding, promote equitable government policies in critical areas of life such as housing, transportation, and municipal services, and to ensure that public spaces and institutions are accessible and welcoming to all of Israel’s citizens both Jewish and Arab. We partner with leading philanthropic organizations and individual supporters to amplify our voices and advance true change towards equality and shared society. 

In recent years, our team has played a pivotal role in driving major changes including: 

  • Advancing government approval of more than 40B NIS in new funding for the Arab-Palestinian community through several major policy initiatives, including Government Decision (GD) 922 “Economic Development Plan for Arab Society in Israel for the years 2016-2020” and GD 550 “The Economic Plan to Reduce Gaps in the Arab Community by 2026”;
  • Promoting the 2022 ground-breaking directive from the Ministry of Education for the mandatory inclusion of education for shared society content throughout the education system;
  • Advancing the inclusion of Arabic language signage in public transportation and in public institutions such as hospitals, museums, and parks;
  • Countering the stereotypes and falsehoods about Arab society across all types of traditional and social media in order to affect significant change in the public discourse regarding Arab citizens and shared society.

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