Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Why can't Israeli Jews speak Arabic?

Did you know only 1.6% of Israeli Jews can communicate in Arabic thank their schooling? Our new campaign calls on the Education Ministry to change this reality! #Arabic_Now

Education Ministry: Teach Arabic properly in schools!

Our new campaign calls on the Israeli Education Ministry teach Arabic properly in public schools #Arabic_Now

Want equality and democracy in Israel? This is what needs to be done

What is a shared society and why it's a prerequisite for true equality and democracy

Where have I heard this song? #Arabic_Now

New campaign by Sikkuy and Madrase calling on the Israeli Education Ministry to teach properly Arabic in public schools!

It’s about time the airport speak Arabic too!

Arab citizens of Israel deserve that the airport speak their language. Sikkuy demanded that airport authorities add Arabic to their public announcement system, to signage and to guarantee service personnel in Arabic

Sikkuy is granted the New Israel Fund Human Rights Award 2018!

Two inspiring Co-Directors from Sikkuy talk about our work and achievements. This video was produced by NIF England.

“Land is Home” – Palestinian Land Day 2018

Three personal stories of Arab citizens and their connection to the struggle over land - a documentary by Sikkuy, in honor of Palestinian Land Day

All the facts that Netanyahu does not want you to know

Netanyahu talks about equal construction laws in Israel – but his actions in reality perpetuate the exact opposite.

Political lay-offs threaten everyone's future

Dismissal on racial or political grounds is illegal. If you have been let go from a job for being Arab, you have where to turn.

Silence is Golden