Sikkuy-Aufoq - For a Shared and Equal Society (R.A)

Dr. Maisa Totry Fakhoury is an architect and urban planner and a graduate of the Technion. During her doctoral studies in the Department of Geography and Environmental Development at Ben-Gurion University, she researched the spatial codes that guided urban development in Palestinian-Israeli cities over the last seven decades. This year, Dr. Totry Fakhoury will be examining the development of urban Palestinian identity in Haifa and Ramallah as part of her post-doctoral research at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute. Dr. Totry Fakhoury has worked at a variety of civil society and environmental organizations and at diverse research institutions, including the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, the Abraham Fund Initiatives, the Galilee Society and Citizens for the Environment.

Silence is Golden